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Calculating Child Support in Texas

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Caring for a child is expensive. According to ABC News, the average cost to raise a child through high school is $291,570. If you are a single parent or recently divorced, these expenses can be difficult to cover. That is why child support is so essential.

The Texas Family Code establishes a guideline for calculating child support. This guideline is used by courts and is referred to as the Percentage of Income formula. It helps parents determine how much support is required for the child or children. The court will mandate that a parent pays a certain percentage of his or her income for child support. The percentage is based on the number of children involved.

If you only have one child, the percentage of net income will generally be 20 percent. The percentage for two children is typically 25 percent and for three children it is 30 percent.

As Dallas child support lawyers we can help you calculate the child support you should be receiving or paying.

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